It’s about friendship.

It’s about beautiful things.

It’s about Artesania.

Julie and Margot are both french. From very different background as Julie graduated from Ingeneer School «Ponts et Chaussées» and Margot – after graduating from Hotellerie School – was running a restaurant in Paris 7e. They both moved to Peru at about the same time. Same « amount » of kids, same age, same energy : it was a match. They became friends.

Their adventurous nature attracted them to explore remote areas of Lima most people usually don’t know or don’t go to. They teamed up, spending time in neighbourhoods like Gamarra, or Caqueta, tanking with the the blast of colours, smiles and flavours those places offer.

Slowly ideas were poping up like corn in a very hot sunny limenan summer day (ideas explotan como choclo en un dia caluroso del verano limeño cuando el sol te pica la piel) as they were walking around in Caqueta, a leather market. They found an amazing leather quality, and could see the craftsman (artesanos) working just beside, with a know how that challenges your creativity.

Madame Pompon was born.

We love to see it as « fusion  fashion » : a blend of peruvian first quality material and this je-ne-sais-quoi from France that makes it so addictiv.

Oh, and by the way, both Julie and Margot have 3 kids – each (#4 due in August for Julie) and they named their bags after their daughters or after daughter’s friends they specially cherrish. Each bag has a special mother/daughter meaning, which is why you would see them smile when speaking about their creation.